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As North of England agents and distributors for companies such as Guttridge and Cimbria we are able to offer conveying solutions to all types of industry.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are ideal for gentle horizontal conveying of many types of products from animal feed and grain to biomass and minerals. There are many styles and designs and they are one of the most common types of conveyor system in use today across agriculture, industry and food processing.

A cost effective in-plant conveying solution

Because belt conveyors are so efficient they are a popular choice where energy consumption is important as they have a low power requirement and they are also easily maintained due to their simple construction.


We offer a wide range of belt conveyors, each designed and built to the clients particular requirements, including:

Chain and Flight Conveyors

Chain and flight conveyors operate in many storage and processing plants across the world. They are ideal for the general movement and distribution of bulk materials. In general most free flowing and semi-free flowing powders, grains, flakes and pellets can be successfully handled with a chain and flight conveyor.

The configuration of your conveyor and the type of chain used is determined by the material you are conveying, as well as throughput, application, degradation and abrasiveness.

A fast and cost effective in-plant conveying solution

Chain and flight conveyors are chosen by those wanting optimal throughput whilst minimizing cost but without compromising the build specification. They can also be easily customised to suit individual needs.


We supply chain and flight conveyors to both agricultural and industrial specifications, our range includes:

Screw Conveyors and Screw Augers

Screw conveyors and augers are used in both storage and processing systems for general movement and distribution of bulk materials. They are based on the ‘Archimedian’ screw principles (a screw inside a hollow pipe). You will find screw conveying machinery used for grain, feed, oilseeds, biomass, foods, waste and minerals. In general most free flowing powders, grains and pellets, as well as many semi-free flowing materials, can be conveyed or discharged using this system.

There are many factors that need to be considered when deciding on the type and specification of the machine required including, material flow rate, speed and percentage loading.


We offer the following screw conveyors and augers:

U-Trough Screw Conveyors

U-Trough Screw Conveyors are simple and robust in design and offer easy access for routine maintenance. They provide cost-effective, versatile conveying capability for the widest range of bulk solids handling applications. Heavy duty construction machines are available for particularly arduous applications.

In general most free flowing products such as grains and pellets and powders can be conveyed with a U-trough screw conveyor.


Our range includes:

Centreless Screw Conveyors

Centreless screw conveyors are ideal for materials that are sticky or wet, or more difficult material such as woodchip, paper, biomass, sand and gravel. The product is conveyed by a shaftless spiral screw running in a U-Trough. As the name suggests this conveyor doesn’t have a centre shaft, it also doesn’t require intermediate or end bearings, ensuring obstacle free conveying.


We offer the following range of centreless screw conveyors:

Our sales team will help to specify the precise conveyor configuration needed to suit each application and customer. Please contact the sales office for further information or to organise a site visit.

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