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Storage Solutions

Grain Storage Solutions

Working closely with our suppliers we are able to offer a wide range of storage options including, silos and pressure vessels. Standard silo’s start at 2 metres in diameter and go up to 27 meters. Capacities range from small 4 tonne woodchip silos to 13,000 tonne grain and bulk material silos. We are also able to design bespoke, non-standard grain storage solutions to match individual customers requirements.

Silo options

Hopper bottom silos

If you are looking for temporary wet grain or buffer bin type storage as part of a grain drying or silo plant, hopper bottom silos are an option. They are also ideal for medium term grain storage, where large batches of grain are required to be discharged quickly such as in sea and river ports, breweries and maltsters and in mills.

Hopper bottom silos are also suitable for storing other free flowing granular products such as feed pellets, wood chips and pellets and granular polymers.

We offer standard capacities of 15 tonnes to 1,700 tonnes, with 45° or 60° hoppers. Our silos come pre or hot dip galvanised.

Flat bottom silos

Flat bottom silos can provide, short, medium or long term storage solutions for grain, oilseed and other granulated products. This is dependent on the moisture content, temperature and product impurities.

We can also provide a full range of mechanical filling and unloading systems to suit individual requirements.

We offer standard capacities of between 15 tonnes and 13,000 tonnes although non-standard silos can be catered for on request.

Smooth Wall Silos

Smooth wall silos are specifically designed for the storage of products with difficult flow characteristics such as grain, pellets, soya and other dust type products. This model of silo is available in hopper bottom, flat and full steel floor bottom versions.

Silo Low Volume Aeration

In order to maintain an ambient temperature within a smooth wall silo alongside the quality of grain stored within, we recommend low volume aeration systems with temperature monitoring.

Please contact a member of the sales team to discuss your individual requirements and arrange a site visit.


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